Widely Read?

Earlier this week I read an article about a woman who read every book on a library shelf as a sort of experiment into reading habits and the unique service the a library can provide.  I love the idea of reading in this random fashion.  That’s right, I love the idea…I’d hate to actually do it!

soooo many books, so little...inclination.

soooo many books, so little…inclination.

I have to confess that when it comes to novels I’m quite a narrow reader.  I like things in an historical setting that have an element of mystery or are quite action focused.  I like reading, but it’s an effort and a commitment and it often seems like too much of a risk to embark upon a reading adventure when you don’t like the look of the book to start with.  So the romances, family sagas, horror stories, tales of gentle village life or gritty Scandinavian thrillers etc. don’t get much of a look in.  Am I missing out?  Or is it sensible to know ones taste and stick with it?  I’d be interested to know what other people think.

 I doubt I’ll be reading every book on a shelf any time soon, but the article did make me think.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll try to pick something a bit different for my next novel!





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2 responses to “Widely Read?

  1. lovely pictures of your library


  2. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.


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