Book Review – Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo

Running wild


The book is about a boy called Will. Will’s father has recently died in the Iraq war and Will is grieving.  His grandmother decides to send Will and his mother to Indonesia for a holiday to take their mind off things. Everything is going well, Will gets to go on the elephant ride. But whilst on the ride Oona (the elephant) starts to run into the forest which is weird because she loves the sea. Later on Will realises the resort has been hit by a tsunami and Oona is trying to save him by running to high land. Will learns how to communicate with Oona and also learns how to survive in the forest. Will understands that his mother is probably dead because she was in their room at the time. Will has some ups and downs but I won’t talk about all of them because some should remain a mystery until you actually read the book.
I personally liked the book but it was really long and did take forever to read however it was worth in the end. There were some parts in the book were you will shed a tear because it is also an emotional book.

I will give this book a 3/5.

Written By: Umaimma Asif


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