Young Reviewers

I’ve had some great reviews submitted from young Brent Libraries users and have picked 2 for this blog.  If you use Brent Libraries and would like to share your review on the blog ask in the library for details – reviews from adults and children are welcome.

Aaron (10) reviews Holes by Louis SacherHoles

Holes is a story about a teenage boy suffering because of a family curse.  The curse strikes again sending the boy unfairly to a correction facility where part of his punishment is to dig holes…

Here’s what Aaron thought of the book

I have read Holes and the book is about a boy called Stanley Yelants and he is at Camp Green Lake facility center and he must discover the truth!
I recommend you read this book because it has a great beginning to the story, it will make you gasp for thin air!

Diary of a wimpy kidAnton (12) reviews Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

This book is the first of a series of illustrated books following Greg – the wimpy kid – as his deals with the daily trials of family and school.

Here’s what Anton thought

Diary of the Wimpy Kid is a great funny book about a boy called Greg and it tells you all about his life and his annoying brother Roderick. He also has a brother called Manny who always gets him into trouble. I recommend you should read it because it is so interesting.

Thanks to Anton and Aaron for those reviews, hopefully I’ll have some more reader reviews to share soon.



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