Book Review: The Worst Thing About My Sister by Jacqueline Wilson

Can a 'tomboy' and a 'girly' girl ever get along?

Can a ‘tomboy’ and a ‘girly’ girl ever get along?

The novel revolves around Marty Michaels. Marty is a tomboy and loves her secret den, playing football and most of all loves her converses. Marty has an elder sister (Melissa). Marty and Melissa are both very different, Melissa loves anything pink and she is really girly. They fight over the smallest issue. If you have a sister you know what I’m talking about! Their family is having financial issues so in order to bring in the money Marty’s mum start to stitch dresses.

girls fighting
So Marty and Melissa have to share a room together so their mum has space to make her dresses. Their dad offers to redo there room so they both like it. But because they both have different styles it turns out it will be harder than expected. The other thing that is eating Marty up is the fact that she is going to lose her den. The den is a private and safe place for Marty, it’s where she can play with her friends. So losing her den because of her bunk bed is the worst thing about her sister.
The den is the bottom bunk of Marty’s bunk bed. However when an accident occurs the girls soon realise than they are closer than they think.
Jaqueline Wilson has won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize in 2000.
I would give this book 3/5

By: Umaimma Asif


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