Book Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This is a first, including a book review of a book that the reviewer hasn’t finished reading yet!  But Demi is enjoying this page turner so much that she wanted to write something to encourage us all to get our own copies out from the library straight away.  She’s convinced me – I’ll be borrowing my copy tonight!


girl on the train

Basic run down of the story bearing in mind I am only actually half way through… We have the main character Rachael Watson whom is divorced and living with a close friend Cathy in Ashbury, she commutes to work every day from Ashbury to London, passing her old home and the home a few doors down from this were she has familiarised herself with the occupants and their daily routine, she gives them nicknames Jess and Jason. Rachael is an alcoholic, and a chapter or so in she loses her job but as her friend Cathy is the landlady well owner of her current accommodation she continues to commute to London at her usual time every day to avoid Cathy finding out about her unemployment.
Then one day ‘Jess’ is seen in the garden with an Asian man, whom is not ‘Jason’…
Rachael’s mind runs wild as she watches the affair from the window of the train, the way Jess so elegantly turns to kiss this man with such passion it makes her feel betrayed on behalf of Jason, she feels she needs to tell him! She feels he must know.

Later that day Rachael is sitting in the park and the sight she saw earlier has had her on edge, she buys some cans of G&T and chills trying to work out why her ‘perfect couple’ aren’t so perfect, when she gets a call from Tom… her ex-husband whom cheated on her and she isn’t over because he married the woman and had a child with and she is barren. She didn’t answer. Finally the urge to know what he had to say consumed her and she listened to her voicemails to find that it wasn’t Tom, it was Anna his wife. Infuriated by her voicemail Rachael whom is now tipsy, decides to go to Toms house and confront her and maybe even bump into ‘Jess’ and confront her too. On the train she sits opposite a red haired man whose smiling at her in a way that makes her skin crawl.
Rachael blacks out at Witney train station, blacking out has become a common thing for her lately. When she awakes she is at home with blood all over her pillow, naked in her bed and hasn’t a single memory as to how she got there. She goes downstairs to find her handbag with her phone to see if there’s anything to indicate how the night ended, and notices she has a massive gash and lump on her head that has been bleeding. She has some very abusive voicemails from Tom, and no recall of what happened after she got off the train.
She decides to follow her tracks back and see if she can recall anything so again she gets on the train gets off at Witney and gets dazed and dizzy when she enters the underpass she remembers being there blood in her hair

Looking out the window can lead to trouble - read this on the train instead!

Looking out the window can lead to trouble – read this on the train instead!

and hands and the red haired man helping her up. The memory makes her feel uncomfortable and dizzy so she heads into London to the library, where she sees ‘Jess’s’ face appear on yahoos front page!
‘Jess’ whom is really Megan Hipwell has gone missing… last night.



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