Book Review: Grey by E.L.James

The fourth book in E.L. James series goes back to the beginning and recounts the tale from Christian's point of review.

The fourth book in E.L. James’ series goes back to the beginning and recounts the tale from Christian’s point of view.

Well, what can I say? The book was terribly disappointing; despite the fact that her last trilogy wasn’t fabulous this was by far the poorest written novel. I got about 6-7 chapters in and put the book down never to be looked at again!  It was that bad!

One of the main problems I had with it is that the author (a woman) has tried to write from the male perspective and in my opinion has completely failed to be convincing. I can understand and respect that she’s trying to be as detailed as possible to help our imagination go wild but I just couldn’t take it seriously because honestly I don’t think any man thinks that deeply into things. Without sounding sexist, it didn’t sound at all sexy and appealing just a little creepy and stalkerish!

Certain parts make him sound like a sex obsessed pig as opposed to the passionate chemistry described in Fifty Shades of Grey where the author writes from Anastasia Steele’s perspective. For example; “…how did I not notice how inviting that mouth is – I can tell baby, but right now I can’t keep my eyes off that mouth” although I can see what she was trying to do with these one liner thoughts in between dialogue I didn’t think he was thinking these bizarre explicit thoughts from the trilogy, they seem out of character coming from the rather cold and cynical man we got to know in the trilogy.  Also the over use of the word ‘baby’ takes away the effect it had in book one, in book one Ana felt lucky when he said it as it was such an out of character thing for him to say and it excited readers and made me think him sexy for lightening up on rare occasions.  The overuse of the word in this book just made me cringe!

These are the reasons I decided not to continue reading the book.  I actually felt it was so bad that finishing might ruin the enjoyment I got from the Fifty Shades Trilogy and the movie that was released in February.


by Demi

Christian and Ana in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey

Christian and Ana in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey: What’s he thinking?  Maybe best not to know!


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