Poem for National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day yesterday and Neal Zetter wrote this lovely poem for us to mark the occasion.

To Each His Own

The gardener looked at the flower

Thinking how pretty it would look next to her roses


The mathematician looked at the flower

Noticing its unique symmetry


The Christian looked at the flower

Observing God in it


The environmentalist looked at the flower

Concerned for its future


The teacher looked at the flower

And devised a lesson for her class


The businessman looked at the flower

Calculating how much money he could sell it for


The criminal looked at the flower

Plotting to steal it


The archaeologist looked at the flower

Longing to dig it up to see what was in the earth beneath


The artist looked at the flower

While painting a beautiful picture of it


The lover looked at the flower

Wanting to pick it for his mistress


The poet looked at the flower

And wrote this

Neal Zetter
Confidence in Communication through Comedy Poetry (CCCP Workshops Ltd)
020 8529 6608


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