Book Review: Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz

Ark Angel is a book written by Anthony Horowitz and is part of the Alex rider series. The book starts off with Alex in a hospital recovering from injuries that happened in the previous book Scorpia-assassination attack. Paul (the boy in the room next door) is the son of a Russian billionaire Nikolei Drevin. Some people attempt to kidnap Paul but Alex steps in and pretends to be Paul and that’s not even the best part! The plot thickens……I won’t spoil the entire plot of the story for you but I will explain the title of the book. Pauls father, Nikolei Drevin is launching the first space hotel “Ark Angel”.ark-angel-by-anthony-horowitz

I’m trying not to give everything away so let’s talk about the book series because I personally enjoy reading Anthony Horowitz books they are so detailed and you can just imagine everything in your head. He creates vivid imagery. I didn’t think that I would be enjoying the books as much as I am so I would encourage you guys to try and read something that you wouldn’t normally read and hopefully expand the genre of books that you enjoy reading.

I will give this book a 4/5.



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