Book Review: Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend by Jenny Colgan


This novel follows the adventures of Sophie, a spoilt but relatively likeable rich girl.  Thanks to her wealthy father she has everything she could ever wish for materially and spends her time shopping and partying and socialising with equally privileged friends.  Then her world is turned upside down by a series of dramatic events and she is suddenly forced to stand on her own two feet and support herself – this is the tale of how she copes with this new reality.Diamonds

This is a jolly very readable story that I would recommend for escapism.  I think it deals relatively well with the subject of modern life on a low income, it can be a tricky subject that is not always dealt sensitively with in Chick Lit (see my comments on Sophie Kinsella).  I was a little concerned on beginning the novel that the heroine would learn some trite lesson that it’s better to be poor (which really irritates me as it’s blatantly not true!) or that Sophie would find success with ease and find standing on her own two feet easy due to hard work and spirit – but the novel doesn’t take either of these approaches and manages to remain light without being insulting to anyone struggling to get by!

I suppose by way of criticism I would say that the novel lacks any emotional depth.  Even when dealing with serious subjects like bereavement and poverty the novel remains frothy and there are no tear jerking moments when you really feel for the characters.  But this is OK, as it’s in keeping with the style, just don’t pick this up if you are looking for an emotional roller-coaster that will have you laughing then crying then pulling out your hair – this is light hearted fun to be read on a day when you don’t want to engage you heart or brain too deeply.



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