The Bull and the Thunderstorm: An Artistic Partnership

Great preview of some of the issues that will be raised in the talk at Willesden on 22 May. Book now! –

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“She was anything you wanted. A dog, a mouse, a bird, an idea, a thunderstorm.”

A vital influence on Pablo Picasso’s life and art in the late 1930s was the Croatian/French artist Dora Maar (above, far right). Thanks to her we have the best visual records of Picasso at work, but her fiery socialism may also have awakened a hitherto dormant political passion within the artist that helped make “Guernica” the angry masterpiece we see today.

In 1936 Picasso was still married to the Russia ballerina Olga Koklova, with whom he’d had a son, Paulo. The two were now estranged because in 1927 the artist had met the 17 year old Marie-Therese Walter. Their secret affair didn’t remain secret for long as she became his model for a series of erotic, colourful portraits. A daughter, Maria was born in 1935 and Picasso ensconced both mother and child at the palatial…

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