The Golden Age of Detective Fiction

The golden age of detective fiction is usually considered to be the years between 1920  – 1939,  when a group of mostly British authors were active, defining a new genre of  perfect crimes, country houses, railway journeys, lavish wealth and the bungling of dim-witted police as well as the greater powers of observation and superior mind of the detective.   

Agatha Christie

agatha christie

A group of friends meet regularly for dinner and one night the conversation turns to mysteries. They agree that over the next few weeks they will each take turns at telling of a mystery they were involved in, but before they reveal the solution they will let the group see if they can solve it. They are a diverse group, well positioned to understand the depths to which human nature can descend – a policeman, a lawyer, a clergyman, an artist and a novelist. The sixth is less likely to have much insight, or so her friends assume, being an old maid who has spent her entire life in the quiet backwater of an idyllic English village. Her name is Miss Jane Marple…

Immensely enjoyable short story collection of murder and intrigue where Miss Marple nails the end of each tale with the correct answer to the problem. There’s thirteen stories, hence thirteen problems. Discover it now.

 4.50 from Paddington

When Elspeth McGillicuddy glances out of the window of her train carriage, she can see straight into another train that is running parallel to her own. As a blind flies up on the carriage opposite her, she is horrified to see a woman being strangled by a tall, dark man. Unable to do anything to prevent it, she reports it to the conductor. He suspects she’s just been napping and has dreamt the whole thing, but he’s a conscientious man so he reports the matter at the next station. However, no body is found on the train, and there the matter would probably have rested, but for the fact that Mrs McGillicuddy was on her way to St Mary Mead to visit her old friend, Jane Marple. Miss Marple knows Mrs McGillicuddy is a sensible woman with no imagination, so believes that she saw exactly what she claims. Feeling too old and unfit to snoop around herself, Miss Marple asks Lucy Eyelesbarrow to hunt for the body and so Lucy takes a job at Rutherford Hall…

An engaging read that had me turning the pages in anticipation. The characters and stories are pleasant to read, you really get to know them and their quirks. You’re taken on a journey by a wonderful storyteller. Highly recommended – borrow now.

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Explore authors from The Golden Age of Detective stories with this collection available from our e-library. Discover the works of G.K. Chesterton, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Anthony Berkeley Cox and Dorothy L. Sayers amongst others.

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