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Harlesden Library

Harlesden Library

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  1. Peter Marsh

    Thanks for reading my Steinbeck boat blog! I will try to keep up with any news from Port Townsend. I will read your recent Steinbeck review that I see on the side of the page.
    The life of the royal family past and present continues to interest authors, who might do better to look for a subject from the many millions of Victorians who had fascinating lives.
    eg I just rode around Puget Island on New Year’s Day and discovered that
    The John West seen on canned fish around the world prospered and died on the lower Columbia River, and the village of Westport (Oregon) is his memorial! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_West_(captain)
    FYI–Louise’s husband being gov gen of Canada during the settlement of the west may explain why her name appears on several Canadian maps. You might like to try a search for Lake Louise, and Louisa Inlet.
    Happy New Year P.Marsh
    (Greenwich, UK and Astoria, Oregon).


  2. Can we Contribute guest posts to this blog?

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