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Boy Nobody, Allen Zadoff


Allen Zadoff has written an unbelievable book. Honestly, it’s one of the best novels I have ever read. It dazzles in every aspect and never ceases to surprise.


So we start the book in the mind of our protagonist, this is a first person book. We don’t even know the protagonist’s name. The story starts off when “Boy Nobody” is friends with a kid called Jack. Jack invites “Boy Nobody to his house where his father is and that’s when we start to realise who “Boy Nobody” actually is, he’s an assassin. From the very first pages we sense that our protagonist is something special: “Jack’s dad wanders by with a beer in his hand. Chen Wu is his name. His friends call him John. He’s the CEO of a high-tech firm along Route 128. Lots of government contracts.” Our protagonist notices every little detail. Eventually he injects a poison into Mr Wu which kills him, “Boy Nobody” escapes, arousing no suspicion. That’s only the start of the book though.

Shadow Boy

Bit by bit we start to learn more about our protagonist. He gets new assignments every time he finishes one, his superiors are called Mother and Father and he still has memories of how it started. A few chapters in he’s sent on a new assignment, to kill the mayor of New York by befriending his daughter. I won’t describe what happens after that because then I would spoil your read.


What is so good about this book is how we discover more and more about our character as the story goes on. The author makes us believe that his mind works like a robot who’s constantly calculating but more importantly has no emotion at all. But as the story goes on we learn that’s not true. Our protagonist starts to feel emotion as doubt creeps in. The author completely submerges us into his brain; we know all his thoughts and dilemmas. What I also enjoyed very much was the attention to detail. I’ll give you an example: “She’s maybe fifteen, long brown hair, too much gloss on her lips. She has a backpack slung across one shoulder. The strap pulls her shirt tight, the swell of her breast pressing against fabric”, this is all in the mind of our protagonist.



Allen Zadoff



This is a fantastic read, with plenty of surprises, I guarantee if you like action, thrillers and even romance books you’ll thoroughly enjoy this one, it’s a cracker!

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Book Review – Matilda by Roald Dahl

This is one of my childhood favourites (I’m not going to say exactly how long ago that was!) and it’s still very popular today.  It’s recently been turned into a hit West End Musical.

Matilda letters

I think I liked it so much partly because Matilda had so much against her but turned out to have a special gift.  Being a child can make you feel very powerless sometimes, especially when  parents are being mean, teachers or classmates nasty.  There’s nothing you can do, you just have to keep your head down and follow the rules – but in this story the child does find themselves with power!  It’s a fantasy I think many of us wish we could have played out, unfortunately I was never as clever as Matilda.  It’s also such a great book because of how Matilda uses her wonderful local library!

Being a child isn't always fun!

Being a child isn’t always fun!

That’s enough from me, here’s what some of the young readers from Brent Libraries thought of the book;

“This in the best book because it is very rare to know hard things when you are little.  The genre of this book is like a mystery because how did she learnt things that quick?  5/5”


“Matilda is clever.  This is my favourite book because it is enjoyable to read.  Matilda’s parents are rude and always mean to Matilda.  Matilda’s headteacher is strong and she’s furious whenever one of the children does something wrong.  I recommend this book for big children because it’s good entertainment for kids.  5/5”


“Matilda is my best book because it is very interesting and Matilda’s parents are sometimes funny and also Mrs Trunchbull is funny.  This is the best book I have read and I feel like I want to read the book forever!”


“Matilda is a stunning book about a girl who is really smart for her age but her parents, who are rich, don’t care about her studies and think she is foolish.  It is a children’s book and is written by a famous author Roald Dahl.  This is the best book in the World and a real page turned. 5/5”


Matilda“Matilda is a very funny and interesting book, it is the best book I’ve ever read.  I also liked the book because Roald Dahl used a lot of interesting vocabulary when he described Miss Trunchbull.”


“Matilda is a very interesting book, it has interesting words that I didn’t know before.  the book was funny and Roald Dahl has a good way of writing.  5/5”


“This book is the most mysterious and hilarious book because Matilda is clever , kind and mysterious but can be incredibly powerful.  Miss Trunchbull is powerful too but mean, rude and bossy.  I liked reading this book at night before going to sleep.”


“Matilda is my best because it is funny and Matilda is very interesting.  Roald Dahl is my favourite author.  It is also a page turner that I wouldn’t put down, I would keep on reading it.  5/5”


So it’s unanimous 5/5!  What do you think?  Is this one of your childhood favourites?


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Young Reviewers

I’ve had some great reviews submitted from young Brent Libraries users and have picked 2 for this blog.  If you use Brent Libraries and would like to share your review on the blog ask in the library for details – reviews from adults and children are welcome.

Aaron (10) reviews Holes by Louis SacherHoles

Holes is a story about a teenage boy suffering because of a family curse.  The curse strikes again sending the boy unfairly to a correction facility where part of his punishment is to dig holes…

Here’s what Aaron thought of the book

I have read Holes and the book is about a boy called Stanley Yelants and he is at Camp Green Lake facility center and he must discover the truth!
I recommend you read this book because it has a great beginning to the story, it will make you gasp for thin air!

Diary of a wimpy kidAnton (12) reviews Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

This book is the first of a series of illustrated books following Greg – the wimpy kid – as his deals with the daily trials of family and school.

Here’s what Anton thought

Diary of the Wimpy Kid is a great funny book about a boy called Greg and it tells you all about his life and his annoying brother Roderick. He also has a brother called Manny who always gets him into trouble. I recommend you should read it because it is so interesting.

Thanks to Anton and Aaron for those reviews, hopefully I’ll have some more reader reviews to share soon.


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