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HI VIS Fortnight – Celebrating the word in all its formats

FB HiVIS Rainbow
‘Make A Noise In Libraries’ is changing into ‘Hi VIS’ from this year.

The celebration of accessible library services and alternative formats will be taking place during 1-14 June 2020. It will still be aiming to champion and raise awareness of the range of library services and activities that are available to visually impaired people to access.

The provision and availability of alternative formats is critical to visually and print impaired people being able to access reading and literature, and the general theme of this year’s fortnight will be celebrating the word in all its forms and formats.
During our closure period, Brent Libraries are still able to offer a wide range of services in various formats and they are all free of charge. Stock can be borrowed as an ebook or audiobook by either the visually impaired customer or by their carer, depending on the severity of the disability. We also have a large selection of online courses, reference resources, e-newspapers and e-magazines to choose from.

With digital library services increasingly vital for families and communities, Brent Libraries would like to draw your attention to BorrowBox’s accessibility and inclusivity features, to encourage the pleasure of listening and reading for everyone. For example, the app offers a VoiceOver functionality to enable the ebook to be read aloud by touching the screen. For the visually and print impaired, Brent Libraries recommend eaudiobooks available from our U library from Ulverscroft. Visit our website or My Library app to access our full range of e-resources.

Brent Libraries, Arts and Heritage are sending out a regular newsletter to customers which features current and interesting topics. Our visually impaired customers may have a carer or family member who can read this to them or they may have a computer / phone with speech.

Once our libraries re-open, we will be resuming our friendly Home Library Service who deliver items to people who have ill-health or disabilities and we also deliver to their carers. For further information please call 020 8937 3400 or email libraries@brent.gov.uk

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Discover the EmpathyLab 2020 Read for Empathy Collection with Brent Libraries

EmpathyLab has announced the 50 books chosen by expert judges for the 2020 Read for Empathy collection.

Some illuminate the experience of people from a range of cultures or life circumstances. Others help children explore emotions, so they can understand how other people feel. Several reflect stories of our time, such as the refugee experience, or coping with anxiety (according to the NHS Digital report, Nov 2018, one in eight children in England have a mental health disorder).

They range from picture books and poetry to graphic and verse novels, divided into two collections, one for primary and one for secondary age children and young adults.

“Scientific research shows that reading builds empathy. So let’s use stories to help the rising generation develop superb empathy skills, and build a better world. It’s our best hope for the future.”

EmpathyLab Judging panel

What is Empathy?

Empathy is our ability to understand and share someone else’s feelings – to see things from their perspective and feel what they feel. It is an essential life skill, crucial if our young people and communities are to thrive.

We aren’t born with a fixed quantity of empathy – it’s a skill we can learn.

Excitingly, research shows that books are a powerful tool to develop it, because in identifying with book characters, young people learn to see things from other points of view. As they read, they are building their empathy skills.

Discovering the collections

There are two collections, one for primary school (KS1-2) with 33 books for 4-11 year-olds and one for secondary (KS3-4), with 17 books for 12-16 year-olds.

You can download guides to both collections, featuring full title lists from the EmpathyLab website.

The full collection will be available to borrow from Brent libraries in the run-up to Empathy Day on 9 June. Browse the Brent Libraries catalogue to find titles currently available.

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