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Book Review: East West Street by Philippe Sands

I stopped reading this about 20% in as it wasn’t really what I was looking for.   I read a review elsewhere that seemed to suggest it was a history book.  It isn’t quite that, it is more about the author’s efforts to find out about his family history during the holocaust (or at least the bit I read was).

I always feel weirdly guilty not admiring a book on such a serious subject but I found it dull.  I don’t find the suffering of the holocaust dull!  But the style of the book about how he traced the details of his relative’s movements and what the details of their living arrangements before and during World War II were just weren’t the style of history I respond to.  I prefer more conventional history writing that focuses on the people and events rather than on the process of uncovering that history.

Might suit someone as interested in the process of uncovering history as in the history itself.

Not for me.


East West Street

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Book Review: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young GirlThe book is a diary that was written by   Anne Frank. The diary is addressed as kitty during the book that Anne refers to as her one true friend. The diary is special because Anne was still writing in it whilst hiding from the Nazis. The diary was actually a birthday gift from her father. The family that consisted of her mother father and elder sister were in hiding for two years after receiving several summons from concentration camps. The father Otto Frank was the only one that survived. Anne died a couple of weeks before the British troops freed prisoners. Anne originally wrote the diary for herself but one day on the radio she heard that they were looking for letters or diaries during the Second World War and she really wanted her diary to be published so she rewrote or added comments. The book gives a real view of what it was like to be Jewish and all the things Jewish people cannot do.

The book is especially moving as the reader knows the Anne will never have the chance to grow up.

The book is especially moving as the reader knows the Anne will never have the chance to grow up.

The book is long but I personally think that it is worth it but you have to be committed to finishing it or else you won’t ever be able to finish it. I was researching the book and was surprised to know that the Diary of Anne Frank has been translated in more than 67 languages. I think that the book is 4/5.

By Umaimma

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